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Even for the creative one, the thoughts can stop. We have gathered our ideas from inspiration for table setting, to tips and tricks – for every occasions.


Hardanger Bestikk has been a popular gift for over 60 years. We know how difficult it can be to find good gifts. With us you will find gifts for every occasions.

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The story about Fjord

Fjord was designed by Odd Leikvoll. Fjord has soft and elegant lines, typical of Scandinavian minimalism. Read the story about our Fjord design here.

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The story of the Nina design

The Nina design has been very well received since its launch, and is today one of Hardanger Bestikk’s best-selling designs. Read the story of Nina here.

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Inspiration for the easter table

March is finally here – the first official spring month! We think it is time to make room for easter, a holiday where it is important to gather your loves ones around the table.

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Maintenance of cutlery

Maintenance of cutlery is important to preserve the cutlery for many years. Hardanger Bestikk is easy to maintain and of high quality.

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The story about Ramona

Ramona – The unknown story . . .Every design has a story with footprints of different trends and designers. All the 27 different designs we have in our portfolio today are named after girls in the family and woman who are close to us.

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