News - Buffet set and ice cream set

The Hardanger series was launched and developed based on the desire to create a series with high functionality for all occasions. The Hardanger series focuses on products that are used as a supplement to our cutlery series. With a good selection, there is something for every occasion. The Hardanger series can complement all cutlery designs, both existing and upcoming for Hardanger Bestikk.

We welcome the ice cream set and the buffet set in the Hardanger series.


Buffet Set



Ice Cream Set


Ice cream set

The ice cream set from Hardanger Bestikk takes the dessert experience to new heights. As well as being practical, the ice cream scoop elegantly makes spherical portions in one go. With an ergonomic design and with ice cream spoons that have extra length, you get a product that fits perfectly when all you need is an exquisite ice cream experience. The set contains of four ice cream spoons and one ice cream scoop.

Dessert gives a little something extra after any good meal, and the ice cream set is designed to make the dessert experience even better. The design is to create associations with snow and ice, and is inspired by the long, slender lines seen in Norwegian snowy landscapes.

The ice cream scoop is hollow handle and has a good grip that is suitable for both large and small hands. The scoop is designed so that you can make elegant, spherical portions of ice cream in one go. The ice cream scoops have a longer handle and are adapted so that you can eat ice cream completely without spilling and get sticky fingers. The spoon blade is designed with consideration for the taste experience – to prolong the round, good taste of ice cream in every mouthful.

The ice cream set has a dynamic, timeless and elegant design made to match other dining and dessert cutlery.

Enjoy your dessert!


Buffet set

The buffet set is a chic and retro cutlery set. Use it for serving food around the breakfast table, in a tasty buffet, during cooking or in jars and bowls in the kitchen. The set contains of a buffet spatula, a butter knife, a jam spoon and two buffet tongs.

We at Hardanger Bestikk are concerned with family, traditions and good times around the dining table. Dinner is often a central part of family traditions, where the norm is to gather around a dinner table, while other meals such as lunch and breakfast may be taken on the go or elsewhere outside the home.

Now we are launching a brand new buffet set! This is a serving set that will inspire many families to gather around meals more often. The buffet set is versatile and can be used for the breakfast table, in tasty buffets, or for tapas on a pleasant Saturday evening. It can also be used in jars and serving bowls elsewhere in the kitchen, as the design makes it look good as a kitchen decor.

The tongs provide a precise, good grip and are suitable as a gripping tool or when you need to poke to get hold of food dishes. The jam spoon has a wide blade and is suitable for both serving and distributing jams, dressings, and so on. The buffet spatula is ideal for serving yourself larger fruit, vegetable slices or various toppings, such as eggs. And finally, the butter knife, inspired by the old butter knives. With its hollow handle, it is also flexible and comfortable to use, and is suitable for both butter and brie cheese.

The buffet set is a retro serving set, inspired by the older utensils that were used in the past. Together, each part makes up a complete set of utensils for breakfast, lunch, dinners or buffets. With the buffet set, we have tried to create a serving set that can be nicely combined with all our cutlery series.


News - Buffet set and ice cream set