Black Friday 2022

This year's best offer

We are counting down to this year’s biggest happening 

… Black Week and Black Friday from November 21 to November 27! 

For a whole year we have been looking forward to Black Friday! Therefore, we have chosen to make a little extra out of it and celebrate with Black Week. This means that throughout the week, every day from 21 to 27 November, you will be met with new, exclusive offers every day with good discounts! We go live with new offers every day at 00:00

Get ready for Black Friday  

Preparations for this year’s Black Week are in progress and we have some great tips for you who plan to get good bargains on great deals throughout this week! Take the time to look through our designs and categories well in advance, find your favorites and add them to your shopping cart. Then you will have your favorite products ready in the shopping cart on Black Friday itself, which makes the purchase painless and less time consuming. 

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The whole Black Week is a busy week, and it can be demanding to keep track of which offers apply on the different days during Black Week. We try to make it as easy as possible for you by giving you a Black Week overview and Black Friday overview through our social channels, Instagram and Facebook. Like and follow us to follow the various offers we advertise to find the best deals! All offers will also be advertised on this page, so a tip is to save the page as a bookmark to get information about discounts and sales in the online store.

What exactly is Black Friday? 

Every year in November, Black Friday kicks off. An American tradition that we here in Norway have embraced with open arms and deep pockets. A day that over time has developed into Black Weekend, Black Week, and in some cases extends to be Black Month. No matter how long Black Friday lasts, one thing is for sure – on this shopping day you as a customer get good offers and the best prices! This is also the core of Black Friday, and thus a golden opportunity to be ahead of Christmas presents or treat yourself a little extra. 

When is Black Friday? 

Black Friday kicks off on Monday 21 November 2022. We are warming up for this year’s biggest sale by offering good offers all week on our most popular products. Black Week is between 21 and 27 November. Black Friday is the big shopping day and is ideal for the best offers on our most popular products. We follow up Black Friday by giving you the opportunity to shop during Black Weekend, which means that you can grab the latest offers you did not manage on Black Friday and shop both the Saturday and Sunday immediately after! 

What’s on offer? 

The excitement around what offers appear during Black Week and Black Friday is always great. We have decided to give our customers a sneak peek at what they can expect to find on offer. These are of course the most popular products and our best products at good prices, maybe time to buy the product you have always wanted? Take a look at the pages below. 

Will it be possible to return Black Week and Black Friday products? 

As always, we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers, so when you shop during Black Week, we have therefore extended the right of withdrawal and exchange. It will therefore be entirely possible to return your purchase if you should regret or wish to switch to another product. You will receive a return form by e-mail. If you want to buy another product, you must place a new order. More information regarding returns can be found here. 

What is Black Friday? 

Black Friday is the biggest trading day of the year, with the best black week offers, best black weekend offers, and best black week offers are in focus. Websites and shops full of great deals and discounts. 

When is Black Friday? 

Black Friday is always the Friday after Thanksgiving. Therefore, the date varies from year to year. However, it will always be between 21 and 29 November. 

21.11.22 - 27.11.22