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Whether you are getting married and are looking for tips on what to place on your wish list, or you are going to a wedding, we have gathered several wedding gift tips and ideas here. 

Our designs are stylish and functional products of high quality and are therefore an excellent wedding gift. Giving beautiful cutlery as a wedding gift gives the newlyweds a perfect start to their new life as spouses. It is also a popular gift that many bridal couples want. We have several popular designs of high quality and with timeless designs, which are perfect for both everyday use and larger occupations. 

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Our best tips for starting a wedding list

  • Wish for something you want. A wedding is a unique opportunity to wish for something that you have wanted for a long time. We are all different and all have different wishes for such a big day. The wedding list is an important tool for informing guests of your wishes.
  • Take your time. Think carefully about what you want. Do not want something just because you think it’s right? Maybe it is a good time to wish for something you don’t want to use your money on.
  • Start collecting. A wedding is a great opportunity to collect both service and cutlery. Find common favourites and you will be able to receive gifts in these series for a long time.
  • Variation. Remember to set up everyday favourites, but also what you want for the bigger and nicer occasions. Feel free to set up different price ranges, so that those who want to give you a little attention also find something on the list.

Our best tips for those buying a wedding gift

Wedding gifts can be difficult to choose. You want the bride and groom to appreciate the gift and use the gift in the future. It must also suit the taste of the wedding couple.


  • Price. It can also be difficult to know how much to spend on the wedding gift. According to experts, there is no correct answer, but is more about discretion. The most common method is to place the spending limit based upon how close you are to the wedding couple.
  • Follow the list. Most couples spend a lot of time deciding what they want for their big day.  The easiest is to follow this list. If, however, you decide to give something that is not on the list, you should be sure that it is something that they want.

Wedding gifts