Christmas gifts

Christmas presents 

Have you wondered what to give as a Christmas present and are thus looking for Christmas gift inspiration? The Hardanger brand has over 60 years of experience lying under the Christmas tree. Giving away a Christmas present that makes an exiting and curious sound is always tempting, isn’t it? Here you will find gifts with high quality and a 10-year guarantee.  

With us, you will find stylish and functional products of high quality and are thus a Christmas gift that will be appreciated for many years. Our designs are perfect items to collect year after year so that you have something to both give and wish for a long time to come. 


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The tradition of giving Christmas presents 

The Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree gives a very special feeling. All the preparations, thoughts of what to give for Christmas, and the excitement when the gifts open are priceless. The Christmas gift tradition is different all over the world. In the Nordic countries the tradition is to place Christmas presents under the Christmas tree until they are opened on the evening of Christmas Eve. This is an old tradition that we still maintain, but where does this tradition come from? 

In the early 1000’s, gifts were given to servants by their leaders. The gifts were distributed on New Year’s Day. Christmas gifts as we know them today did not become common until the middle of the 19th century. Then it was more common to give Christmas presents to the children where necessary warm clothes often were given, such as mittens, socks, and cardigans.  

Now in modern times we give Christmas presents as a sign of recognition and love. We are happy to give several smaller Christmas gifts which means that we do not necessarily give gifts based on needs that already exist. We like to create more needs than were there before. 

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Products that enhance the dining experience for any occasion. All our products has been designed with both quality and function in mind.


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The good Christmas mood 

The gift shop around Christmas time can be hectic, but it also contributes to the Christmas spirit. Whether you walk around in the shops or click home the gifts from the internet, it gives a calmness, but at the same time exciting feeling in the body even after the peaceful Christmas subsides. 

Christmas gifts are a great opportunity to let other people know that they are appreciated.  We should also not deny that it is just as much fun to unpack something for ourselves that has been on our wish list for a long time. 

Spend the pre-Christmas period with friends and family. Gathering people that you value around the dinner table can be just as nice as a gift if you do not know what they wish for Christmas. Slide into the couch with warm blankets and enjoy the Christmas baking together with a hot cup of cocoa and Christmas movies. Sink your shoulders and enjoy the pre-Christmas season! 


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