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Hardanger Bestikk is a family business with rich traditions, and for us it is important to take care of our family members. As the owner of your very own Hardanger Bestikk, we consider you a family member, and we want to honor that.

Hardanger Bestikk is made to last and will be part of your moments around the dining table for generations. That is why we want to offer you a lifetime guarantee on your products and in that way ensure that you can always be confident in our quality. All you need to do is register your design and you will receive personalized guidance, maintenance tips, table setting inspirations, as well as exclusive offers that are relevant to you and your product.

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Steel cutlery must be maintained, and in order for you to get the most enjoyment out of your cutlery, it is important that you use it correctly. The warranty does not cover faults resulting from misuse of the cutlery or lack of maintenance. The warranty also does not cover; Damage caused by accident, normal wear and tear, products that have been modified after purchase, loss, theft, misuse and commercial use.

The guarantee applies from the time of purchase and for the rest of the lifetime of the original owner, regardless of whether the person concerned bought the product themselves or received it as a gift. As long as we have the product you want a replacement for in stock, you will get the same product back. If, as expected, it is no longer available from us, we will give you a similar product in return.

Accessories for our products

Hardanger Cutlery bags are practical and exclusive storage bags that help you take care of your cutlery. You effectively free up space in drawers and cupboards, while looking after your product and preventing scratches and marks. The cutlery bags are produced in a soft, velour-like material, and can be easily rolled up and tied with subsequent ties.

Our cutlery bags comes in three different sizes adapted to different types of cutleries – serving cutlery, dessert cutlery and cutlery parts. All cutlery bags fit all our designs. It is recommended that your cutlery should always be completely dry before it is rolled up in the bag.


Cutlery bag



Cutlery bag for serving cutlery


Get inspired

How to set the table? What is the best way to take care of the cutlery? We have collected our ideas from inspiration for table setting, to tips and tricks – for both small and large occasions.

Organised and tidy kitchen

Customise your kitchen to suit you and your lifestyle, with smart organisation in kitchen cabinets and drawers.  A neat cutlery drawer can make life at home a little easier and your kitchen more efficient.


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Luxurious weekend breakfast

Finally, the weekend is here, the perfect opportunity to prepare a nice weekend breakfast that contains the little extra. Who said you can’t bring out the fine tableware and cutlery on a Saturday or Sunday morning?

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The story of Nora

In late April 2000, little Nora was born, Odd Leikvoll’s fourth grandchild and the family’s new addition. In keeping with tradition, Odd sat down behind the Drawing Board and started on what was to become one of the most advanced and technical designs Hardanger Bestikk has created.

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Gift ideas

Hardanger Bestikk has been a popular gift for over 60 years. We know how difficult it can be to find good gifts.  With us, you will find gifts for all occasions, which last a lifetime.

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Discover a new world of cutlery

Cutlery is personal to us; it is something that should suit your style in the home. Each design has a history with footprints of trends, high quality, and tradition. With us you get cutlery sets, starter cutlery, steak sets, cake sets, dessert sets, serving pieces and supplementary pieces – in other words, absolutely everything you need for all occasions.



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