Luxurious weekend breakfast

Cover up

Finally, the weekend is here, the perfect opportunity to prepare a nice weekend breakfast that contains the little extra. Who said you can’t bring out the fine tableware and cutlery on a Saturday or Sunday morning?

Carina pancakes and strawberries

Combine what you have

A luxurious breakfast is about touching several senses. The good smell of freshly baked pancakes, the fresh colors on the fruit plate and the fine materials and textures on the plates, cutlery, and textiles. Candles on the table have a calming effect. Create a warm atmosphere around the table with pillows and blankets in beautiful colors.

Forget the stress in your everyday life. A pastel-colored cloth gives the surface a light impression. There is no doubt that fresh colors affect the mood for the better.

Bring out something you have inherited and feel free to combine it with something new. This makes the table unique and memorable. Use flowers, mix them in a bouquet and put them in several vases to create a casual atmosphere.

The time around the dining table

The dining table is the place where one gathers one’s nearest and dearest. Here you can lower your shoulders, sit for a long time, and have good conversations. This is a great opportunity to cover with nice treasures that contain fond memories.

Quality products enhance the dining experience and quality cutlery is no exception. Carina cutlery was launched in 1989 and has since been one of the best sellers of the Hardanger brand. The cutlery series has a soft design with decorative edges and round shapes. Carina is just as relevant now as when it was first launched. As a customer of Hardanger Cutlery, you should be able to invest in quality – our task is to make cutlery that will follow you through small and big moments in life. Our designs must be so timeless and sustainable that they can last for generations.



Cake forks



Egg holders


Relax your shoulders

Make your family breakfast favorites. How about fluffy pancakes, fresh rolls or fresh fruit? When you first cover a finer breakfast, dish up with the whole family’s favorites.

Many people start the day with a cup of coffee or tea. Something hot to drink makes the body relax and gives us a good and calm start to the day. Bring out the luxurious feeling by topping it all with a lovely freshly squeezed orange juice.

Carina coffee

So, what creates the luxurious atmosphere?

♥Have the drink in beautiful carafes. It feels more luxurious to pour from a carafe than a milk carton.

♥Pour milk or juice in wineglasses. Who said it only can be wine in those glasses?

♥Place toppings on a cutting board or plate. This gives a completely different atmosphere than taking orders directly from the package.

♥Place the bread on a cutting board or in a breadbasket.

♥Serve something you do not eat as often.

♥Use the fine cutlery you have in the drawer, the crystal vase at the back of the cupboard and plates that you would otherwise only use at special occasions.

♥Flowers on the table.

And you, put down your cell phone and turn off the TV. Use this time well with your loved ones. Do not stress and spend plenty of time cooking and enjoying your food. Everyday life can often be a bit chaotic, so it is important to appreciate these quiet moments and make the most of these small important moments.



Serving Set 5 pieces



Dessert set


Luxurious weekend breakfast