Tuva - the design winner

A functional design

How cutlery feels in your hand, how to eat with it and how it meets your food is carefully thought out in a design process. We all have our own way of holding cutlery, but not all types of cutleries fit the way we want to hold it. All cutlery parts in the Tuva series are designed with a hollow handle. This makes the cutlery lighter, but also solid and easy to grip so that it can be used by everyone, from toddlers to the elderly.

Tuva dinner spoon smoothie bowl, blueberry, bun
Tuva dinner spoon smoothie bowl

Award-winning cutlery series

Tuva design was launched in 2009 and has both been nominated and won several design awards, both nationally and internationally. The ambition of the design was to create a universal cutlery series that could suit all ages and skills, without compromising on aesthetics. A good balance in a cutlery design is the most important thing on how to get a good grip and movement in the hand.

The Tuva design considers a wide group of users. Tuva is created so that all people can easily grip the cutlery properly, so that we can all use the same design. We have managed to create a uniform, innovative selection of cutlery using special production methods. The cutlery series is aesthetically pleasing and combines innovative production methods with Scandinavian design. Tuva is distinctive with dynamic, well-balanced lines that give an elegant look.

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Tuva in everyday life

The Tuva design is a user-friendly, aesthetically beautiful design that can be used for big occasions. We at the Hardanger brand encourage you to use the Tuva design in everyday life as well. We have spent a long time testing how people of all ages use cutlery. Tuva was a result of the research. Do not keep this design tucked away in a drawer, remember – there are more weekdays than holidays.

Tuva dinner spoon smoothie bowl
Tuva dinner spoon smoothie bowl, blueberry, raspberry, bun

Named after family member

Most of our designs are named after family members or close friends of the family who own and run Hardanger Bestikk, Tuva is no exception. In 2006, founder Odd Leikvoll had his seventh grandchild. In keeping with tradition, it was time for a new design. Three years later, the Tuva design was launched, after a long period of research and development, we at Hardanger Bestikk were finally satisfied with the result.

Today, Tuva is 15 years old and proudly talks about her own design. She says that there are not many who in everyday life can use products that are named after oneself. She has used the Tuva cutlery herself often and says that when she has to set the table – regardless of the occasion, she uses Tuva.

The production process for Tuva

To create the right weight and balance in the various cutlery parts, an untraditional production process for Tuva was invented. The handle is hollow for the correct balance point, this is achieved by producing the handle in two different parts. The knives are the exception, where three different parts create the knife. The upper part of the cutlery is made in one piece where the thickness varies depending on which part it is. Then the upper part and lower part are welded together to create volume in the handle so that the grip should be as comfortable as possible.

Maintenance of cutlery
All our designs contain 18% chromium and 10% nickel, which is stainless steel. The quality of the cutlery is durable, which means that you can use the cutlery for all occasions. The Tuva series can be washed in a dishwasher, but it is still a recommendation to rinse the cutlery well in advance to avoid stains on the cutlery. You can read more about maintenance of cutlery here.

Cutlery parts in the Tuva series
Tuva has a wide selection of cutlery parts where you can easily supplement the design according to your own needs. In the Tuva series, you get cutlery sets, steak cutlery, appetizer cutlery, cake sets, dessert sets and serving cutlery. See the full range of the Tuva series here.

Tuva - the design winner