How to use the Hardanger Shellfish Set

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fresh and delicious seafood. Whether you like shellfish as a main course or as part of a larger meal, there is no doubt that summer and seafood go hand in hand. Eating shellfish can be a challenge, and the Hardanger Shellfish Set is specially designed to make this task easy and elegant. Here are our best tips on how to enjoy seafood with the Hardanger Shellfish Set:

1. Use the right tools

When eating crayfish, lobster, or crab, start by using the Cracker to break the claws. Place the cracker on the claw or tail of the shellfish and apply some pressure to crack the shell. Be careful not to crush the meat inside. Then use the shellfish fork to extract the meat and dip it in butter or sauce according to your preference. Hold the shellfish fork with three fingers on the handle and the tines facing downwards.

2. Have a clean and tidy workspace

When eating shellfish, it is important to have a clean and tidy workspace. Use a smaller plate to collect the shells, and also have a small bowl of lemon water to clean your hands and utensils between each bite. You can also place a napkin on your lap.

3. Use appetizer cutlery

Appetizer cutlery are the perfect tools for enjoying smaller and delicate dishes. A slice of fresh shrimp or delicious crab are examples of this. Use the shellfish fork to scrape the meat from the claws onto a slice. Top with lemon, salt, pepper, or other seasonings as desired.

4. Bring the food outdoors

Eating seafood outdoors, especially by the sea, can be a unique and unforgettable experience. Do you have a cabin, a dock, or a small garden spot? Regardless, do not hesitate to bring your meal out into nature. Dining outdoors can also be a social experience. Invite friends and family to come together for a shared meal. That’s where memories are made.

5. Remember to savor

An important thing to remember when eating shellfish is to take the time to truly savor the food. Let the cutlery do the work for you while you focus on the taste and texture of each bite.

We hope this provided you with some useful tips and inspiration for your next shellfish meal. Do you know someone who loves shellfish? The Hardanger Shellfish Set is the perfect gift, now available in a new stylish gift box. Click here to read more about Hardanger Shellfish Set.

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Can we tempt you with a recipe for stuffed crab shells?

Boil the crabs: You can stun the live crabs by making a cut between the eyes in the mouth area, about 2 cm in. This will render the crab unconscious. Take plenty of water in a pot, enough to cover the crabs, and boil them for 45 minutes.

Cool the crabs: Remove the crabs from the pot and let them cool with the shell facing downwards, to prevent the juices from running out.

Remove the tail flap and claws: The tail flap is removed by pulling it off by hand. The claws and legs can be twisted off, but for more precise work, you can use the Hardanger Cracker. Then use a shellfish fork to clean the meat from the claws and place it in a bowl for white meat.

Open the crab: Place the shell (crab) on the table, position the back of the shellfish fork between the shell and the crab’s body, and twist it around. You will then have two parts of the crab, the shell and the crab body.

Remove the gastric mill and the gills: The gastric mill is located like a pouch behind the crab’s eyes. This is the crab’s stomach and should be removed. Press down until you hear a small click, indicating that it is loose and can be discarded. Use a shellfish fork to remove the gills from the crab body, including those attached to the back shell

Divide the crab: Divide the crab in half and use a shellfish fork to clean out the meat.

Divide the meat: Sort the white and brown meat from the shell and the crab body into two separate bowls. The shellfish fork is a perfect tool for the most challenging areas. Use an extra bowl to create a mixture that is approximately 80% white meat and 20% brown meat.

Fill the crab shell: Wash the shell in hot water, then fill it with the meat. For the best flavor, we recommend the following distribution: Take the 80/20 mixture of white and dark meat and place it on both sides of the shell. Then take clean white meat and place it in the center. Congratulations, you have now made the world’s best crab shells! The shells can be frozen or enjoyed immediately. You can also add a crab claw on top for extra decoration.

Tips! For a delicious slice of crab, we can recommend the following. A fresh, good bread with butter/mayonnaise, a lettuce leaf, crab filling, and fresh pepper. Top it off with a squeeze of lemon, and you have a meal you won’t soon forget. We recommend using appetizer cutlery for such a meal.

Hope you enjoy!