Popular gifts for 30 years

Gifts have always been important

Our task is to make cutlery to ensure that you as a consumer find a rich selection of gift ideas in our exciting range. This year it is 30 years since we started with nice gift boxes for our cutlery. We have gift ideas for all occasions – birthdays, Christmas, confirmations, weddings, or a simple gift for the dinner host.

Popular gifts for 30 years

Inspired by silver cutlery and its position in the gift market, we at the Hardanger brand also wanted our steel cutlery to take such a position in the gift market. The goal for our products is to be set on the wish list for all occasions. In 1958 we started producing cutlery, but it was not until 1991 that we started delivering the cutlery in nice gift boxes. This was the start of the gift concept, and the focus was now on being a solid supplier in the gift market.

If there is something you always need, and always will need, its’s gifts. Until the 90’s, steel cutlery was not a popular gift to give as a present, nor something that was often on the wish list for large occasions. We have never delivered cutlery without boxes, but our first boxes had plastic lids so you could see the cutlery. It did not make a big impact on a gift table.

We work every day to make our products a self-written guest at any gift table.
Hardanger tin cutlery diffrent gift boxes
Hardanger tin cutlery diffrent gift boxes

Different gift boxes

The first gift box was launched 30 years ago, in 1991. It was a white box with a physical red rosette that had to be placed on top of the box. The response to the giftbox with the rosette was overwhelming, but it was too much work to put the rosette on each giftbox. Therefore, we made a similar box, where the rosette was printed on the paper itself.

As the first cutlery supplier in Norway, we were to deliver steel cutlery in gift boxes. Not only did it look like a nice gift ribbon around the box, but when you opened the box it said, “Congratulations on your new Hardanger Cutlery”. After a while we moved on to a black box. We have also had several different colours on the boxes, many different motives from the area, as well as different pictures such as dinner parties and small everyday moments. Now we have a classic white box. So, we have had several different boxes through the ages.

Why give cutlery as a gift?

Our most important rule is that the cutlery must be of good quality. Our cutlery is made to be used and last for several generations. The cutlery is made of steel, which means that it can be washed in the dishwasher. With a 10-year guarantee, you also have the security you need to be able to invest in the Hardanger brand. If you choose cutlery from us, you choose tradition, quality, and beautiful design. This is a gift that is perfect to give and a joy to receive.

How to choose the right cutlery?

Buying cutlery for yourself or as a gift can be quite difficult. You must consider the taste, what kind of cutlery you want and for what occasions it should be used. Good cutlery should solve several tasks.

Cutlery should fit well in the hand, some want a cutlery that weighs a lot, while others prefer not to feel the cutlery. Cutlery should not least be functional, remember that it is made to be used. It should be just as useful when you eat your morning yoghurt as when you set the Christmas table for your loved ones. It should not be stored in a drawer because you are afraid of using it. We are all different and we all have different tastes. That is why we have a large selection of different designs, with something for everyone. Do you like it minimalist? Or maybe you want a distinctive design that should only be used for special occasions and fit together with a special tableware?

We at the Hardanger brand are very happy that so many people either have or wants our designs. We work every day to find something that everyone wants for different occasions, large and small. We hope to continue to see our gift boxes on gift tables for many, many years to come. And who knows, maybe our gift boxes soon will get a new look?