Inspiration for the easter table

Welcome spring

March is finally here – the first official month of spring! We are headed towards a warmer and brighter time. We think it is time to make room for easter, a holiday where it is important to gather your loves ones around the table.

Easter table

Get inspired by our easter table tips with some easy steps to get that extra spring and easter feeling! This time we focused on both traditional easter colours, but we also included features of nature and natural colours.

Easter is also a time to combine relaxing with physical activity and joy. Maybe we`ll also experience the first real sunbeams on our face? It is time to gather your friends and family for different meals – breakfast, a long lunch or dinner. We have included different elements to really set the vibe for any occasion.


Easter holiday is celebrated differently around the world, and the decorations are therefore a relative phenomenon. In Scandinavia we are used to the traditional easter colours, such as yellow and purple, and therefore these are also the main colors in our table setting.

♥Make a foundation with a colourful base – a yellow cloth one sets the easter vibe right away!

♥Use simple plates to balance the colourful tablecloth.

♥Bring the nature inside! We found some twigs outside and decorated them with easter eggs in different colours. If you have a big bouquet, place it at the end of the table so that everyone can see each other. That way – everyone is included in the conversation with a good atmosphere. Some of the same easter eggs we put on the twigs were also used as decoration on the table.

♥To create a natural base, we placed the tulips in the middle of the table with the rest of the essentials around it. We let the coluor of the tablecloth do the talking, so we kept the plates and glasses very neutral. Make sure there enough space on the table for all your goods and ingredients!

Kristin dinner knife easter table setting breakfast
Kristin dinner knife easter table setting breakfast

On this traditional table we wanted to use one of our traditional designs, Kristin. Kristin is inspired by woodcarving – a handcraft that has its roots from thousands of years back in time. We think this design fits perfectly for both everyday use and equally, special occasions. We have also used our egg products – designed by Per Finne, which has also won an award for its good design. It is functional, and a real eye-catcher at the table. The egg spoons are specially designed for a good grip, and are also adapted to the design of the egg holders to create an aesthetic and functional whole.

Do you get the feeling of easter?

Give your table some spring-vibes

For the last couple of years, we have experienced more trendy ways of celebrating different holidays. Spring and easter are no exception! So, for this second tablesetting, we wanted to create a more modern twist. Therefore we skipped the tablecloth, no problem when we have a beautiful table surface. This also creates a more natural expression to the setting. The main essentials were a big, beautiful bouquet with spring colours that also has some of the colours we associate with easter.

At the table you can find everything you need for a complete tablesetting. Our plates are full of life and have a beautiful pattern on it.

Renessanse cutlery parts spring table
Renessanse cutlery parts spring table

We also included one of the biggest trends lately when it comes to interior. You guessed it – twisted candles! Maybe a fun activity to do together with the whole family? You`ll find several suggestions on the internet.

To go with the rest of the setting, we chose one of our oldest designs – Renessanse. It`s organic forms remind us of the strong bond we have to nature here in Norway.

Tablesetting should be fun! We would recommend you to decide a theme in advance, but don’t be afraid to try out different things and find your very own style! Find your own favourite cutlery design. Remember that we have a 10-year guarantee on all of our products.

Product for the easter table


Egg holders


Maintenance of cutlery

To take better care of your cutlery, we recommend you to use a cutlery-bag. The bag saves space and contributes to a longer lifetime for your chosen cutlery.

Are you going to set your table with products from Hardanger Bestikk? We would love to see it! If you use Hardanger Bestikk to decorate your eastertable, put it on Instagram and tag us with #Hardangerbestikk.

Happy easter from all of us!