Packaging design wins award

Hardanger Bestikk was recently awarded at The World Brand Design Society Awards 2023/24.

Hardanger Bestikk’s contribution, “Table Stories,” stood out among renowned works, demonstrating our focus on innovation through storytelling technique and craftsmanship. The product concept celebrates the importance of meals as family gatherings, with each product inspired by strong female characters, adding depth and meaning to our brand narrative. The concept is developed by KIND. Read more here:

Table stories

The dining table is the heart of every home, where meals are shared and stories find their voice. Since 1958, Hardanger Bestikk has adorned Norwegian tables, becoming an integral part of family narratives. With each table setting, a new chapter unfolds, and a new story is written.

The construction of the box is a deliberate reflection of the craftsmanship found in the creation of a book, and it is a thoughtful consideration that extends to user experience. The dimensions of the box are tailored to mimic the ergonomics of holding and reading a book. This ensures that users can easily grasp and handle the box, seamlessly integrating it into their actions while setting the table.

 Each cutlery series tells its own story

Each series from Hardanger Bestikk tells its own unique story, a story we wanted to share. We envisioned each product line as a coffee table book, a “Table Story” that adorns the dining table and conveys the story behind the cutlery and the company. A decorative piece suitable for any occasion, ready to be placed on the shelf when not in use.

Color, images, and product descriptions are unique to each cutlery series, forming a visual narrative that highlights the specific qualities of the cutlery.

The sleeve serves as a dynamic communication surface, offering a canvas that creates identity. Beyond its practical role as protection, the sleeve becomes an emotional experience for the consumer. These are always adjusted to each other to create the most harmonious expression while on the shelf.

The inner lid functions as a primary communication surface conveying the story of the specific cutlery series.

Enhancing the consumer experience
Every element in the packaging contributes to a delightful experience for the consumer – from unpacking to table setting and storage after use. The philosophy behind this integrated and thoughtful packaging concept is to encourage the preservation of packaging as part of functionality, sustainability, and reuse.

Stories made to last
Like our cutlery, our packaging is made to last. It protects the cutlery when not in use. Like a coffee table book, it enlightens and entertains guests, serving to inspire conversations. The Table Stories books are made to be recycled, increasing the value of the product and the environment. If not used for your cutlery, we strongly encourage you to store other items inside the box. However, how you use them is up to you and your imagination. You can simply create your own story. Just don’t let the packaging go to waste.

Packaging design wins award