Lykke, dynamic and elegant

The jewel of the dining table

Lykke cutlery series is a clear decorative element on any table setting. We at Hardanger Bestikk often say that the cutlery is the jewellery of the dining table and Lykke is no exception. With inspiration taken from the valleys where the fjord meets mountains in the area around the Hardanger fjord – it is here Lykke was created.

Lykke steak knife and dinner fork
Lykke steak knife and dinner fork


Steak knife



Dessert spoon



Serving set


The perfect balance point

Lykke” is designed from an ergonomic perspective. The cutlery series has more weight than several of our other series. Heavier products give a feeling of exclusivity and help to create associations to a more luxurious meal. Lykke is a solid, yet elegant cutlery series. The series is based on our traditional cutlery series but has dynamic and clean lines that meet modern design.

Better taste experience

Did you know that the right cutlery helps to enhance the dining experience? A good meal deserves the right cutlery. This has a lot to say for the taste experience. We want to do what we can so our customers will have the best experience around the dining table. Therefore, the Lykke series is made with an extra weight to provide a good dining experience.

We have spent a lot of time testing how customers use cutlery. The design of the Lykke series is based on many people being able to get a good grip around the cutlery. There is a 5mm steel depth on the shaft which makes it strong and solid. This functional and ergonomic design means that the handle fits perfectly in the hand and supports the grip.

The knife stands out extra in this series. It has a perfect balance point which means that it can stand firmly on the table without any help. This gives an element of playfulness in the elegant design. The wave on the knife is repeated on the other parts in the cutlery series, so that all parts fit nicely together on the table.

Serve cutlery with style

We at the Hardanger brand have always been concerned with gathering our loved ones around the dining table. Around the dinner table we often gather in the middle of an otherwise busy everyday life. Here we can relax and exhale. It’s nice to use this opportunity to get an insight into the everyday lives of the people around us.

With “Lykke” you can get a fun table setting. With decorative products, you won’t need much decoration on the table to highlight the little extra you want for an elegant table setting. The cutlery series puts the finishing touches when it comes to table setting and exudes exclusivity without taking too much focus. Small details can mean a lot for both appearance and functionality.

Maintenance of Happiness

All our designs contain 18% chromium and 10% nickel, which is stainless steel. This quality increases the durability of the cutlery. The Lykke series can be washed in the dishwasher. We recommend rinsing the cutlery well in advance to avoid stains. If you want more information, you can read here.

Cutlery from Lykke

Lykke has a rich selection within the series, where you can easily collect and supplement with additional parts in the same series. Here you get cutlery sets, appetizer cutlery, cake sets, dessert sets and serving parts – in other words, absolutely everything you need for both small and large meals.

Lykke, dynamic and elegant