Cutlery bags - smart storage for your cutlery


Cutlery bag for serving cutlery is now launched, perfect storage for your serving cutlery.


Cutlery bag



Cutlery bag for serving cutlery


Different cutlery series for different purposes

A cutlery bag is smart and practical storage for your cutlery. Many have several cutlery designs, and we often use one or two different designs as everyday cutlery. These are usually the cutlery designs that are in daily use, and which you have in the cutlery drawer in the kitchen in the immediate vicinity.

Several people also have their own fine cutlery. This can be cutlery you received as a gift from your wedding, something that is inherited or something you have invested a little more in than your everyday cutlery. When you bring out the fine cutlery, the associations and thoughts of the major holidays come. It is often used for birthdays, baptisms, confirmations, Christmas, and other holidays.

So that the cutlery is not forgotten, and to make it easily accessible, the cutlery bag is perfect. It takes up little space in the cupboard and allows you to use the cutlery, preferably on more occasions than just the largest ones. Remember that our cutlery is made to be used for both small and large occasions.

The cutlery bags

The cutlery bags are practical and neat storage bags that keeps the cutlery in good condition. They are made of a soft, synthetic material that resembles velour fabric and are rolled up practically with a fabric band for closure. The cutlery bag for normal cutlery items has 12 pockets and the bag for serving cutlery has 8 pockets. Both cutlery bags fit all our designs. We recommend that the cutlery is completely dry before placing it in the cutlery bag.

Cutlery bag for serving items

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Cutlery bag for cutlery items

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By using a cutlery bag, you will easily get an overview of your cutlery. Did more guests arrive than first expected? Or do you have too few cake forks for the dessert table? With us you can buy the number of cutlery items you are missing. If you have lost a teaspoon or two, it can be easily supplemented.

Cutlery bags - smart storage for your cutlery