Find your appetizer cutlery

Appetizer cutlery plays a far more versatile role than you may have realized. Despite its name, its use extends far beyond just appetizers. It can be an indispensable companion at the breakfast table, at tapas parties, dessert servings, or even for simply spreading butter on bread.

Why use appetizer cutlery?

Appetizer cutlery constitutes an essential part of both formal and informal settings. It is tailored to handle smaller dishes such as appetizers, salads, and snacks. In addition to being part of the etiquette in more formal settings, the right appetizer cutlery contributes to creating a beautiful and harmonious table setting, thereby enhancing the enjoyment of the meal.

How to set the table with appetizer cutlery?

The cutlery is placed in the order the dishes are served. Therefore, the appetizer cutlery is always placed outermost, unless the spoon is to be used during the meal. The appetizer knife should lie with the blade facing towards the plate. Ensure that the distance between each set of cutlery is even.

How to choose appetizer cutlery?

  • Invest in quality appetizer cutlery that can withstand frequent use without losing functionality or aesthetic appeal.
  • Choose one that suits your personal taste, whether you prefer the classic or a more modern and unique design.
  • Consider whether you want to match the appetizer cutlery with your existing cutlery set or if you prefer to mix different designs to create a more eclectic look.

Find your appetizer cutlery