Cutlery bags - smart storage for your cutlery

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Now we are launching a cutlery bag for dessert cutlery – a smart and space-saving storage for your teaspoons, dessert spoons and cake forks. Maybe you have special dessert parts that only come out on big occasions? Save space in the drawer with our new product, you too!

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Our cutlery sets

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Ramona turns 40 and we celebrate with news!

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Cutlery bag



Cutlery set 24 pieces



Cake set



Steak knife

Oda cutlery set, 24 pieces

Oda Cutlery Set

Ergonomic and well-balanced cutlery developed for optimal grip. The cutlery set comes in a pleasant storage box that contains cutlery for 6 people, respectively knives, forks, tablespoons and teaspoons. The cutlery has a matt satin finish.

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News! Fruit knives

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Hardanger Bestikk has over time created quality cutlery to make the atmosphere during small and large dining occasions very special. With a variety of complete cutlery sets, you get a design that suits your personal style.

Lykke cutlery parts

Cutlery series

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