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Hardanger Bestikk has over time created quality cutlery to make the atmosphere during small and large dining occasions very special. With a variety of complete cutlery sets, you get a design that suits your personal style.

Founder Odd Leikvoll

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Odd Leikvoll - Founder

At the end of the 1950s’, 26 year old Odd Leikvold follows his heart and moves from Bergen to the small town of Kinsarvik, at the very heart of Hardangerfjorden. This marks the beginning of the adventure Hardanger Bestikk.

Rune Leikvoll - Second generation

We love what we do. After all, it’s part of our everyday life as a family. We talk cutlery at any hour of the day. And all our series are named after the girls in the family. It’s important to us to show that we’re a family and where we come from,

Timeless design for 60 years

At the Hardanger brand, we belive that emphasising sustainability though timelessness is the most important thing we can do in a design process.

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