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The story of our Nina design

Nina – the romantic design

Every design is perfected with care. Everything from the details in our design, form and name are carefully thought out. 

Each design is named after girls in the Leikvoll family who run and own Hardanger Bestikk, or by girls who are close to the Hardanger Bestikk family. The Nina design is no exception and is named after founder Odd Leikvoll’s daughter, Nina. The design was launched in 1998 – the year Nina took the step into the family business as a seller.

The romantic touch of the design is inspired by silver cutlery. Around 1998, the price of silver cutlery began to rise and the price for many became too expensive. For the first time, it was experienced that young people wanted something other than silver cutlery as a gift for their wedding. Nina was therefore a perfect alternative to the silver cutlery.

The Nina design is inspired by the Rococo style that was often expressed through rose painting in the Hardanger area in the 18th century. The style was characterized by S and C-shaped curves and naturalistic design. Inspired by Norwegian nature, Nina has a timeless pattern that can suit all styles. It can be styled traditionally, but also modern.

The Nina design has been very well received since its launch and is today one our best-selling designs

I have Nina design in the everyday drawer in our kitchen and I use it daily. I often send a big thank you to Dad for this design.

Maintenance of Nina

All our design contains 18% chromium and 10% nickel, which is stainless steel. This quality increases the durability of the cutlery. The Nina design can be washed in a dishwasher, but we still recommend rinsing the cutlery well in advance to avoid stains. If you want more information, you can read more here.



What different cutlery parts are available in the Nina design?
Nina has a rich selection within the design, where you can easily assemble and supplement with additional parts in the Nina design. Here you get cutlery sets, appetizer cutlery, cake set, dessert set and serving parts – in other words, absolutely everything you need for both small and large meals!

The Nina design is a very popular and can be used for both everyday life and different special occasions. See the entire selection of Nina here.


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