Father's Day

Father’s Day

A father is a superhero in disguise. He fixes everything, listens, and gives good advice. A father can often be perceived as tough, but often he is velvety on the inside.  

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers!  

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Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world, but not everyone celebrates Father’s Day on the same day. In Norway, Father’s Day always falls on the second Sunday in November, every year.  

All dads deserve a day of honor, a day filled with celebration for fathers who stand up for us. Who always comes with good advice and is there for us, arranges and fixes just about everything. Father’s Day is the perfect day to give back to dad.

Gift ideas for dad 

Even though we do not celebrate Father’s Day on the same day as the rest of the world, the celebration is still quite similar. On Father’s Day, it’s extra fun to surprise dad with breakfast in bed, cakes, and gifts from the kids. On this day, all fathers should feel valued. There is no definitive answer on how to celebrate dad on Father’s Day and we all have different ways of showing that we value our dad on this day.

It can be difficult to figure out what to give for Father’s Day. Maybe he has enough ties, socks, and scarves? We have gathered our gift ideas for dad and our Father’s Day tips below to hopefully give you some inspiration  

The good thing is that these tips can be followed by everyone, the most important thing is that you do it with love and your own little twist. 

♥ Start the day by giving Dad a good hug and a handwritten card.  

♥ Make a meal that you know he likes very much, preferably a good breakfast or dinner?  

♥ To warm Dad’s heart that little extra – make a cake or bake something sweet for him.  

♥ Unique gifts are the best. Give a gift that lasts, that way Father’s Day becomes a memory.  

Gift ideas for Father's day





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