Cover a summer table in colors

Colorful dinner

Summertime is the right time to fire up the barbeque and invite family and friends to late evenings, preferably outdoors on the terrace around a nice summer table. Create a summer feeling by using different pastel colours. Here we offer you some tips on how to create a colourful summer table. 

Summer table

The summer is approaching, and we are looking forward to lower our shoulders and relax. For many, summer is associated with less everyday stress and a holiday mode. This year it may look like we will celebrate the summer in our own country, and we will continue to spend a lot of time in our own homes and gardens. Therefore, we have created some tips on how to turn these occasions into good summer memories. 

We think there is a very special atmosphere when we move company outdoors, when the temperature gradually drops, the blankets come on and the candles are lit. 

When you invite to an outdoor gathering, we think it’s nice to include elements that are often found in the area. Do you have summer flowers that bloom in your garden? You can safely use them as table decorations. It will not be long before new ones appear, and the plants bloom again. Cut the flowers into suitable lengths and place them in small glasses or vases on the table. Now you have an affordable, fast and beautiful table decoration!  

Lykke steak knife and dinner fork
Lykke steak knife and dinner fork

How we set the table

We combined a slightly different service as well as different drinking glasses. We think it is important that the food has plenty of space on the table. We also chose not to have too tall vases on the table so that we can see each other. 

The colour theme is soft pastel colours, combined with white and beige. To make the evening last longer, we put out several soft pillows and blankets, lanterns and a hang-up light chain until dusk comes and the temperature drops. 


The dinner

Summer is the high season for barbeque use and there is no limit to what you can cook. Here the imagination can be allowed to run free. We chose to go for a very traditional barbecue, where we served meat, along with a lovely summer salad and good, salted potato boats. 

The choice of cutlery here is Lykke, as we felt that this design really radiated something extra on the summer table. We think that the cutlery puts the finishing touches when it comes to table setting – Lykke is a solid, yet elegant cutlery design. The knife has a perfect balance point that allows it to stand firmly on the table. Lykke fits perfectly in your hand, and with its clean lines, this cutlery design gives the table that little bit extra. Lykke is designed by Odd Leikvoll and was launched in 2013. 


Steak knife



Appetizer cutlery



Dessert set

Lykke salad set
Lykke steak knife and dinner fork

We believe how the steak knife feels in the hand is important around such a meal. The steak knife has fine serrated edges that make it possible to cut perfectly through any piece of meat. The cutlery has a little more weight compared to other designs, which means that you automatically create associations to a more exclusive meal. 

The dessert 

A good meal also deserves a good drink. How about finding your inner bartender and mixing together some fresh drinks for the summer evenings? A good drink can often be served as a welcome drink or preferably after dinner. 

For dessert we chose to go for something as simple and good as ice cream with strawberries. In several places, they offer the opportunity to pick strawberries yourself instead of buying at the store. Maybe strawberry picking or other berry picking is fun for the children to be invited to. Who does not love strawberries? 

We served the dessert in some champagne glasses that can also be used as dessert bowls. For us, the taste of ice cream and strawberries is the taste for summer. You can top with exactly what you want. How about some mint and lime? 


For dessert we chose to cover with the Julie design. Julie is a unique and elegant cutlery series designed by Per Finne. The cutlery is designed with a view to being comfortable in the hand and is well balanced with fine tactile qualities. With long, elegant shapes, Julie fits nicely into modern design. Julie is a unique design that both feels good to use and looks delicious. It is an example of the very best in Norwegian design – beautiful shapes that clearly spring from the function. 



Steak set



Dessert set


And you, every good meal always gets better with good people and conversations around the table. 

The food does not taste worse either as we can enjoy beautiful views of the Hardanger fjord with steep mountain sides and a beautiful evening sun. 

Whatever you choose to cover for both dinner and dessert, we can guarantee that we have something for everyone in our wide range of designs. Maybe you want to go for a little more traditional cutlery? Nina is a very popular design inspired by the Rococo style. 

Move the company to new locations 

If there is one thing the last year has taught us, it is to appreciate all the beautiful pearls we have in our own country. And we are certain that everyone has discovered new local gems that may not have been so appreciated before. Inviting someone to a summer dinner does not always mean a fully covered table, many dishes to serve and being at home. 

Prepare a simple meal or snack and pack it for a small outing. How about some cheese and biscuits at sunset? Pack something comfortable to sit on, preferably a blanket or seat cushions. With such small excursions, you can park close to your final location and can bring what you want. A good tip from us is to use our cutlery bag. With this you can easily roll up what you need of cutlery for the excursion. 

Our cheese set is perfect for cheese and biscuits and consists of two parts. The wide knife equipped with holes to prevent soft cheeses from sticking. The narrow knife has two tips that can also be used as a fork in combination with the other. This is made for harder cheeses. We have used Julie teaspoons for jam. 


Cheese knife picnic
Picnic summer


Tea spoons


Our best tips summarized: 

  • Mix different colors and materials to create contrasts 
  • Use flowers, twigs and branches from nature 
  • Do not leave your finest crockery or cutlery in the cupboards 
  • Remember that the evening is coming, make room for candles 
  • Use your local area and experience new places 

Hope you were inspired to invite over friends and family to nice gatherings this summer. Have a really good summer, from all of us at the Hardanger Brand.