Advent season

Sometimes we miss getting into the Christmas spirit just like when we were children. Therefore, we have collected some of our best tips to bring the calm and excitement that the Christmas season should give us.

Bake together in time leading up to Christmas

Christmas is a real cosy time, it’s the time to relax and do the things you might not always otherwise take the time to do in a busy everyday life. How about gathering friends or family for a whole day of baking? Make a list of what you want to make, lay out the ingredients and put on the Christmas music.

Also decorate the kitchen in the colours of Christmas for an extra Christmas atmosphere – we promise that the colours red and green gives this mood. It doesn’t have to be more than changing the kitchen towel and the cloths. Display some candles and, not least, display the Christmas cookies you have made.

Wrap the Christmas presents

Do the Christmas wrapping in in peace and quiet. Maybe you want to put on some background noise like a Christmas movie or Christmas music? Find whatever Christmas paper, Christmas cards, ribbons or bows you need. Maybe you want to add that little something extra to the packages? There is so much in the nature that can be used for the wrapping. The most important thing is to set aside plenty of time and make it an enjoyable activity, perhaps also something you can include friends and family in?

Perhaps you will find some Christmas gift ideas for your near and dear ones? If you give cutlery from Hardanger for Christmas, you are giving something that can create nice moments around the dinner table for generations. We have collected our Christmas gift ideas here.

Enjoy the sofa with a clear conscience

Of course, you also must enjoy the cookies you have made. Set the living room table and prepare a proper dessert table. Sit down to enjoy, not only all the good things, but also each other’s company. Perhaps you all have some Christmas traditions of your own that you would like to share?

We can recommend serving with hot chocolate, preferably topped with marshmallows.

Here we have used one of our new products, the Ramona cheese set, to serve blue cheese on the gingerbread, which is a favourite of us.

We know that Christmas is a busy time for many, perhaps also advent? There is a lot that you must cover, everything from Christmas parties, Christmas concerts, Christmas shopping and on top of it all, you may also want to clean and decorate for Christmas. There are many cosy Christmas movies, take the time to enjoy these – preferably with family and friends. serve the Christmas cookies, Christmas soda or something hot to drink. Feel free to serve the Christmas cookies you have made and wrap yourself in the warmest blankets and relax.

Merry Christmas!

From Hardanger Bestikk