3 ways to set the Christmas table

Inspiration for extra cosy moments around the Christmas table

The month of December has officially started – Christmas is just around the corner! Do you want to make something extra out of the table setting this year? We have decorated three different Christmas tables, and hope it inspires you whatever style you prefer. Maybe you prefer a traditional style, a more modern style or maybe you would like to combine them?

Some things that you generally want to think about when decorating the Christmas table is to start with some basic colours and then build further on this. Feel free to use several shades of the base colours and stick to these all the way. Candles are a must to set the mood, and you, let your guests see each other!

1. Traditional

The first table is inspired by the traditional Christmas feeling, red and green in beautiful harmony. The beautiful red tablecloth never fails when it comes to setting the Christmas table. After all, red is the colour of Christmas! If you go for white tableware, you can play a little with the use of napkins in terms of motif, texture, and colour.

Traditional christmas table nina cutlery
Traditional christmas table nina cutlery

On the traditional Christmas table, we chose to have the flowers in the middle of the table and let it be an inspiration for further table setting.

A tip from us, use nature as inspiration for the Christmas table. We used, for example, Thuja twigs from the garden. Another tip is to use what you have. Whether it is twigs from the garden or Christmas decorations from the attic. The decorations are distributed in groups, and here we used some small Christmas trees, a Santa Claus, and some nuts.

At this traditional table we went for a traditional cutlery design, Nina. The Nina design is inspired by the Rococo style, and with its beautiful carvings, it puts the finishing touches on a party-covered table. Do you feel the Christmas spirit?

2. Modern and stylish

Christmas table number two has a more modern twist. Here we have used earth tones and materials with blended tones. Different shades are the keyword to this table setting.

Modern christmas table Julie cutlery
Julie cutlery modern christmas table

We used a beige linen tablecloth and some round table mats in natural material. On this table we have used a more minimalist tableware and continue to use home-picked Thuja from the garden. We chose to cover with cloth napkins, which gives the table a warm feeling. Furthermore, we put Thuja twigs together with nuts across the table and let this form large parts of the decoration. Together with some classic white candles and a green bouquet at the very end, this Christmas table turned out just as nice!

For this modern Christmas table, we used cutlery design, Julie.  This is a unique and elegant design that with its modern design made the table setting perfect. A fun little twist on how to cover the cutlery; put the ice cream spoon in the dessert bowl/glass! Edible decorations are not wrong either.

3. Traditional + modern = true

Do you love traditional Christmas tableware, but at the same time a modern style? Why not just mix different styles together? There is no correct method to decorating the Christmas table. It’s all about character and your personal style. Follow your feelings and make your Christmas table completely unique!

Tina cutlery christmas table
Tina cutlery christmas table

At this last Christmas table, we also chose to use beige linen cloth. The combination of beautiful crystal glasses, traditional Christmas tableware and modern cloth napkins complete this Christmas table. Instead of a bouquet of flowers, we went for eucalyptus leaves that we put in the center of the dinner table. Some of the Christmas ornaments from the tree were also used to decorate the Christmas table. Again, we welcome nature to cover the table with home-picked cones. Here we chose to use a little less decoration and let the beautiful Christmas tableware shine!


In contrast to the traditional Christmas tableware, we decorated the Christmas table with the stylish Tina design. Tradition meets modern, and we get the best of both worlds!

Hardanger cutlery storage cloth product image

Finally, we just want to say that it’s fun to decorate a Christmas table! We would recommend that you think of themes and colors in advance, but do not be afraid to try and run your very own style. Did not find your favorite cutlery? Here you can see an overview of all our cutlery design.

Remember that there is a 10-year guarantee on all our products. To take better care of the cutlery, we recommend using a cutlery bag. They take up little space in the cupboard and contribute to longer life on the cutlery. It’s also a nice Christmas present, right? Happy table setting!

Merry Christmas!