Dinner Set

As the standard set for every Hardanger Bestikk design series, the dinner set consists of knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons.

Julie Dark Rosé

Limited edition

Comes in a giftbox
Includes knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons
Excellence is found between the balance of functionality and aesthetics; the tactile and the visual. It is the care and attention to this balance that results in the difference between a simple tool and a loved object that carries personal meaning.

with passion

Commissioning some of Scandinavia’s top designers, Hardanger Bestikk has established iconic products; staples of the Norwegian home. In recent years being nominated and winning awards for outstanding design.

Made by Per Finne

Julie Dark Rosé design sets

The right cutlery for the right food doesn’t just improve the taste but also the occasion. Hardanger Bestikk products have extended series to cover different dining settings and foods. Ideal for collecting over time, superb as gifts, and perfect to ensure you’re covered year round for the everyday and special dining occasions.

Our warranty

10 years

All of our products come with a 10 year warranty. A guarantee of our commitment to your satisfaction and our confidence in product quality.

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